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Automatic Slotter CNC Slotting Machine Price

slotting machine for metal B5020 B5032 ,price of B5032 New Decisigned Automatic Slotter CNC Slotting Machine Price

1)The machine is used to process all kinds of parts of the plane, type and keyway, single or small batch production workshop is most suitable.

2) The main turning mechanism is the rotary motion of the variable handle gear, which can be used for longitudinal, give.

3) Beautiful appearance, easy maintenance.

4) The machine uses three-phase AC power supply, voltage 380 volts, frequency 50 Hz.

Specification Unit B5032 B5020
Max. Slotting length mm 320 220
Worktable size mm 630*560 200
Ram motion frequency times/min
Ram tilt angle ° 0-8 0-8
Ram vertical adjustment distance mm 315 230
Cutter head bearing surface to the distance between the forearm bed mm 600 485
Table Diameter mm 630 500
The distance between the lower end of the sliding frame to work table mm 490 320
Max. longitudinal moving distance of working table mm 630 500
Max. transverse moving distance of working table mm 560 500
Table maximum rotation angle ° 360 360
Vertical and horizontal table power feed range mm 0.08-1.21 0.08-1.21
Table rotary feed range mm 0.052-0.783 0.052-0.783
Motor power kw 4 3
Motor speed r/min 960 1430
Machine weight kg 3000 2200
Outline dimension mm 2261*1495*2245


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