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What is the cause of the deviation in the CNC lathe machining process

In the process of machining workpieces on CNC machine tools, the size of superior workpieces may have some deviations. What is the cause? Let us understand together below;

The connection between the servo motor shaft and the screw of the CNC lathe is loose, causing the screw to be out of sync with the motor, and the lubrication between the ball screw and the nut is poor, causing the movement resistance of the worktable (or tool holder) to increase, and the rolling bearing is worn or adjusted Improper, causing excessive movement resistance. These will have dimensional errors. The moving resistance of the worktable (or the tool post) is too large, which is generally caused by too tight adjustment of the inserts and poor lubrication of the machine tool guide rail surface. This failure phenomenon is generally manifested as irregular changes in the size of the parts within a few wires. If the screw gap or gap compensation amount is improper, the fault can be eliminated by adjusting the gap or changing the gap compensation value.

The above are several reasons for the inaccurate machining dimensions of CNC lathes. You can take reasonable measures to solve these problems and improve the quality of machining.

Finally, the editor recommends that you must regularly maintain the CNC machine tools. Correct maintenance of the machine tools can not only discover some small problems in the machine tools in time, but we can make corrections in time and extend the service life of the machine tools.

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