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Solution to uneven feed of surface grinder

Surface grinder is a kind of grinder. The grinding wheel is mainly used to rotate and grind the workpiece to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the table, it can be divided into two types: rectangular table and round table. The main parameters of the rectangular table surface grinder are the width and length of the table. The main parameter of the shaped worktable is the diameter of the worktable.

The following explains how to solve the uneven cutting:
1. Simple intermittent cutting feed is uneven
(1) One reason for the simple intermittent feed unevenness is improper adjustment of the throttling screws at both ends of the feed distribution valve, resulting in a difference in the reciprocating speed of the feed distribution valve; the second is that the grinding head feed oil path is locally severe Bending and flattening cause the difference in oil inlet resistance at both ends of the grinding head cylinder of the surface grinder; the third is that the throttle screws at both ends of the feed distribution valve have poor fine-tuning effect due to the needle valve structure, which makes the adjustment invalid.

(2) When adjusting the uniformity of the grinding head feed, it should be noted that the uneven feed of the grinding head of the surface grinder is the solution due to the reciprocating movement of the feed distribution valve. The pressure oil source is provided by the worktable reversing valve when reversing. If improper adjustment of the stop valves at both ends of the reversing valve of the worktable causes the reversing impact of the workbench, especially the unilateral impact of the workbench, or the reversing impact caused by other external reasons, the pressure fluctuation generated during the reversing impact will inevitably affect the system pressure. The reciprocating speed of the feed distribution valve is not stable or even the speed varies.

(3) In this way, the amount of oil supplied to the grinding head cylinder when the distribution valve is turned on during the movement process is also different, resulting in uneven intermittent feed. Therefore, it is necessary to first adjust the workbench reversing throttling screw to eliminate the workbench reversing impact, and then adjust the throttling screws at both ends of the distribution valve to achieve the desired effect.

2. The intermittent feed is uneven and the continuous feed reciprocating speed is not equal
(1) The movement of the grinding head intermittently advances in the direction of advance and retreat, which far exceeds the allowable error range. The advancement of the grinding head is large, and the amount of retraction is small. If it meets the requirements, it will not move when moving back. While in continuous feed, the surface grinder’s grinding head has a fast forward speed and a slower speed when it retreats.

(2) Considering that the continuous and intermittent feed of the grinding head is uneven, and the continuous feed oil circuit of the grinding head has nothing to do with the feed distribution valve. Therefore, the fault should lie in the control box of the grinding head.

(3) In order to eliminate this fault, the control box of the grinding head has been disassembled and inspected many times. Finally, it is found that there is a small bladder in the reversing valve box of the control box of the grinding head. The existence of the blisters affects the oil sealing effect.

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