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C6150 Ordinary Lathe C6150 Horizontal Lathe

In the naming method of the lathe, 6 is the number of the lathe, you can see that the number of the ordinary car is generally C6136.C6140.C6150. The last two digits refer to the maximum working diameter of the lathe. For example, the maximum working diameter of C6136 is 360 mm, the working diameter of 6140 is 400 mm, and the maximum turning diameter of the bed is half of the maximum working diameter. Like C616, it is its work. The maximum diameter is also 320 mm, but 16.18.20 is the old bed before, and now the new ones are 6140.6136.6150. The CNC is also the same as the ordinary car.

Ordinary lathes are horizontal lathes that can process multiple types of workpieces such as shafts, disks, rings, etc., and are often used to process the internal and external rotating surfaces, end faces, and various internal and external threads of the workpiece. Corresponding tools and accessories are used. Perform drilling, reaming, tapping, knurling, etc. Ordinary lathes are the most widely used type of lathes, accounting for about 65% of the total number of lathes. They are called horizontal lathes because their main shafts are placed horizontally.

The main components of ordinary lathes are: headstock, feed box, slide box, tool post, tailstock, smooth screw, lead screw and bed.


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