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Common defects and treatment methods of internal grinding

1、 There are vibration marks on the workpiece surface of internal grinder, the surface roughness value is large, and the surface is burned. Reason for resolution: 1. The diameter of the internal grinding wheel of the internal grinder is small; 2. Due to the looseness of the head spindle of th...... [Read More]

CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools have become a trend to replace traditional machine tools According to the development trend of China’s machine tool industry in the past ten years, except for the decline in 2012 and 2013, which was affected by the financial crisis, the rest of the year was in the growt...... [Read More]

Characteristics of NC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. It is a digitally controlled hole drilling machine. Its features: 1. Each coordinate movement is driven by servo motor, which is convenient, flexible and stable in accuracy. 2. The basic layout is...... [Read More]

Precautions for use of bench drill

The bench drill does not need to be equipped with a computer. The engraving machine can work independently under the control of the control handle to reduce the input of customers’ computers. The machine tool has powerful functions, simple operation, wide application range, high efficien...... [Read More]

Model and specification of horizontal band sawing machine

The models of existing horizontal band sawing machines are as follows: Manual portable band saw: UE-100S、UE-153DV3、UV-180SL Manual scissor band sawing machine: UE-250A、UE-712A、UE-916A、WE-260SH、WE-310DS、WV-260SH; Semi automatic scissor band sawing machine: UE-918SSA、WV-275DSA、WV-310DSA...... [Read More]

Maintenance method of centerless grinder

1. Maintenance of centerless grinder surface: the surface of centerless grinder, motor and heat dissipation equipment must be kept clean, and the polishing consumables powder must be cleaned regularly. 2. Check and tighten the handle, feed handwheel, screw, nut and other mechanical parts. Keep...... [Read More]

Grinding problems of centerless grinder

The grinding problems of centerless grinder are as follows 1. If the workpiece roundness of centerless grinder is out of tolerance and the grinding wheel is not sharp, the characteristics and accuracy change law of the workpiece shall be mastered and the grinding wheel shall be trimmed in time...... [Read More]

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