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The current form of five-axis CNC machine tools

In the mechanical design of 5-axis machining centers, machine tool manufacturers have always been unremittingly committed to developing new motion modes to meet various requirements. In summary, there are various types of five-axis machine tools currently on the market. Although there are vari...... [Read More]

The development of five-axis technology

For decades, it has been widely believed that five-axis CNC machining technology is the only way to process continuous, smooth, and complex curved surfaces. Once people encounter unsolvable problems in the design and manufacture of complex curved surfaces, they will turn to five-axis machining...... [Read More]

Application scope of IG150 /IG200 high precision internal grinder

1. Fuel injection system of automobile engine, especially valve sleeve and cylinder block of high-pressure common rail system of diesel engine. 2. Bearing industry, bearing inner ring and outer ring channels. 3. Mold industry, guide sleeve, microporous blanking die, wire drawing die, cold draw...... [Read More]

Assembly of lathe three jaw chuck

First, there is a certain taper between the chuck and the spindle. The connection is to use 6 hexagon socket bolts near the center. To install and replace the chuck, use an hexagon socket wrench to remove the 6 screws. Second. The connection between the chuck and the spindle is fastened by th...... [Read More]

The construction principle of band sawing machine?

Band sawing machine is a kind of sawing equipment that uses metal saw blades as cutting tools and is used to cut metal materials. It is mainly used for cutting ferrous metal square materials, garden materials and various profiles. It can also be used for cutting non-ferrous metals and non-meta...... [Read More]

Common models and specifications of band saw blades

1. Common bimetal band saw blade specifications: 3035*27*0.9*R4/3 3035=Band saw blade length 3035mm 27=Band saw blade width 27mm 0.9=The thickness of the band saw blade is 0.9mm R4/3=The tooth profile of the band saw blade is 4/3 (1 inch 4 teeth + 1 inch 3 teeth). 2. At present, the common ba...... [Read More]

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