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Appointment of equipment

Centerless grinding machine is designed for contour processing of parts with high accuracy and roughness of the machined surface. Centerless grinding machine must process workpieces made of magnetic alloys on small pox systems SmCo and NdFeB, various steels, graphite. Described equipment. The ...... [Read More]

Brief introduction of turret milling machine

Definition Turret milling machine is a milling machine whose shape is similar to that of turret. The worktable drives the workpiece to move, and the high-speed spindle drives the tool to rotate for cutting. Turret milling machine can also be called rocker milling machine, rocker milling, unive...... [Read More]

Structural characteristics of turret milling machine

1. The base, fuselage, workbench, middle sliding seat, lifting sliding seat and other main components are made of high-strength materials, and artificial aging treatment to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool. 2. The milling head is equipped with turret milling machine head, and...... [Read More]

How to solve the common cracking problem of band saw blade

First of all, the new saw belt must be run-in cutting. Cracks appear in a short time of use, which means that the cutting in the running-in period is not done well or there is no running-in at all. It must be corrected immediately, otherwise it will cause more unnecessary losses. Consider from...... [Read More]

Disassembly of three jaw chuck

1. First, find a few (hexagon socket) screws on the back, remove them, and then hammer the disc inside the three claws from the front to the back with a wooden rod or copper rod to take out the disc. Inside is a small disc for positioning and dust prevention. Remove it. 2. After removal, find ...... [Read More]

Application skills of three jaw chuck in CNC lathe

1. Three jaw chuck is also called three jaw self centering chuck. It determines the rotation center of the workpiece according to the circumference of the workpiece clamping part, but its centering accuracy is not very high. Generally, according to the application occasion, when finishing turn...... [Read More]

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