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Precautions for centerless grinder

01: check the surrounding conditions of the machine before startup. No articles shall be placed on the machine, and the workpieces shall be placed neatly. 02: before startup, check whether the berth of the parking box is normal, the water level of the cooling water tank, the clearance between ...... [Read More]

How do novices weld band saw blades?

1. Adjust the pressure adjustment device above the welding chuck to zero so that the two chucks are at the original farthest distance; the butt of the saw blade in the two chucks should be in full contact, otherwise there will be no electricity during welding , It cannot be welded together; 2....... [Read More]

Main functions of radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine is a branch of drilling machine, which is named after the cross arm can rotate around the column. Take model Z3050 ×16 as an example, the capital letter Z is the abbreviation of drilling machine, 30 is the rocker arm, and the back 50 is the drilling diameter, × 16 is th...... [Read More]

Causes of the dragging of the band saw

1. Improper selection of the teeth of the band saw machine results in the dragging of the band saw blade. Improper selection of tooth pitch can easily lead to saw blade dragging. If the user cuts arbitrarily regardless of whether the material being cut is solid or hollow, and regardless of the...... [Read More]

Difference between machine tool and lathe

A lathe belongs to a machine tool, which includes a lathe Machine tool is a general term for metal cutting equipment. It is divided into lathes, milling machines, planers, drilling machines, etc. lathes are turning equipment and a kind of processing machine tools. 1. Machine tool refers to the...... [Read More]

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