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Production process of band saw blade technology

1. Sharpen the edge Using a fixed-shape hard alloy blade, one side of the cold-rolled alloy steel strip is cut into a plane as the welding surface to facilitate the subsequent welding process, and the other side is cut into an arc shape as a backing. For a certain specification of cold-rolled ...... [Read More]

Why does the band saw blade crack?

1. The front edge of the saw blade is cracked; the tension is too large; the tension moves forward; the back bend is too large 2. The bearings of the sawing machine are too aging; 3. The saw wheel slips too much, the wheel is not on the same plane 4. Too much tension 5. The saw wheel is wo...... [Read More]

How to turn the band saw blade?

Step1: Hold both ends of the band saw blade in both hands, the distance is slightly wider than the shoulder, you can use your foot to step on the position of the black square in the picture to borrow force; Step 2: Fold the saw blade with both hands inwards to make it curl naturally; Step 3:...... [Read More]

Safety Operation Regulations of Gantry Band Sawing Machine

1. Before operation, wear tight-fitting protective clothing, with cuffs fastened, and the hem of the jacket cannot be opened. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves, and it is not allowed to wear, take off, or wrap around the body next to the operating machine tool to prevent the machine from...... [Read More]

Grinder classification

(1) Cylindrical grinder: it is a common basic series, which is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical outer surfaces. (2) Internal grinder: it is a common basic series, which is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical internal surfaces. In addition, there are grinding machin...... [Read More]

Solution of internal grinding wheel

1. Straight corrugations are produced on the workpiece surface of internal grinder. The lengthening shaft is long and thin with poor rigidity. The characteristics and accuracy change law of the workpiece shall be mastered and the grinding wheel shall be trimmed in time. 2. Straight corrugation...... [Read More]

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