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The difference between C6140 horizontal ordinary lathe and CA6140 ordinary lathe

1. Different parts processing methods
C6140: The lathe machine is equipped with a four-station automatic feed mechanical stop device in the longitudinal direction. The length of the workpiece can be set by adjusting the longitudinal position of the cam on the stop lever to realize the longitudinal dimension processing of the parts.
CA6140: The speed and torque of the motor are transmitted to the spindle through a certain way, so that the workpiece can move at different speeds. The performance of the main drive directly affects the processing quality and production efficiency of the parts.

2. Different types of lathes
C6140: A machine tool for turning a rotating workpiece with a turning tool.
CA6140: A horizontal lathe based on the original C620 ordinary machine tool.

3. the characteristics are different
C6140: The bed, foot, and oil pan of the lathe adopts an integral casting structure with high rigidity and good shock resistance, which is in line with the characteristics of high-speed cutting machine tools. The headstock adopts a three-support structure, all three supports are tapered roller bearings, the main shaft is easy to adjust, the rotation accuracy is high, and the accuracy retention is good. The feed box is equipped with a metric-inch thread conversion mechanism, and the selection and conversion of thread types is convenient and reliable. CA6140: It is composed of SIEMENS 802S system, interface circuit, drive circuit and stepper motor. It is also equipped with automatic turret tool post, spindle frequency converter and spindle encoder, etc. The system is an open-loop control system.

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