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Machining of Ordinary Thread on CNC Lathe

On the CNC lathe, four standard threads of metric, inch, modulus and diameter control can be turned. No matter which thread is turned, a strict movement relationship between the lathe spindle and the tool must be maintained: that is, one revolution of the spindle (That is, the workpiece rotates one revolution), the tool should move evenly by a lead distance (of the workpiece).

CNC lathes require a series of dimensions for the processing of ordinary threads. The calculation and analysis of the dimensions required for ordinary thread processing mainly include the following two aspects:

1. Workpiece diameter before thread processing
Considering the expansion of the thread profile, the diameter of the workpiece before threading is D/d-0.1P, that is, the major diameter of the thread is reduced by 0.1 pitch, which is generally 0.1 to 0.5 smaller than the major diameter of the thread according to the material deformability.

2. Thread processing feed
The amount of thread feed can refer to the bottom diameter of the thread, that is, the final feed position of the thread cutter.

The minor diameter of the thread is: the major diameter-2 times the tooth height; the tooth height = 0.54P (P is the pitch).

The feed rate of thread processing should be continuously reduced, and the specific feed rate should be selected according to the tool and the working material.

For general standard threads, thread ring gauges or plug gauges are used to measure. When measuring external threads, if the “over-end” ring gauge of the thread just screwed in, but the “end-stop” ring gauge does not screw in, it means that the processed thread meets the requirements, otherwise it is unqualified. When measuring internal threads, use threaded plug gauges to measure in the same way. In addition to the thread ring gauge or plug gauge measurement, other measuring tools can also be used to measure the thread pitch diameter with the thread tenth ruler, and the trapezoidal thread pitch diameter tooth thickness and the worm pitch diameter tooth thickness with the tooth thickness vernier. The needle measurement method measures the pitch diameter of the thread.

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