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How to operate a surface grinder and matters needing attention

Before operation

1. The operating staff must wear protective masks, aprons and other protective equipment, fasten their clothes, fasten the cuffs, and strictly prohibit the operation with gloves;

2. Carry out equipment spot inspection in strict accordance with the spot inspection system, and make corresponding records; before the grinder works, refuel and add water according to the grinder use regulations, check the oil level, water level, and whether the oil volume and water volume are normal; whether the oil circuit and circuit are normal Unblocked, keep the lubrication system clean, and the oil tank and water tank must not be opened;

3. Check whether the handles are in the specified position, whether the operation is flexible, and whether the safety protection devices are intact and complete. Whether each connecting part is fastened and the brake is complete and flexible to operate;

4. Before placing the workpiece, open the wheel cover and turn the wheel by hand to check the tightness, integrity and balance of the wheel. Grinding wheels of different materials should be selected for work with different materials. If the machine is stopped for more than 8 hours, it should be run dry for 3 to 5 minutes to make the systems run normally before use;

5. The operator should be familiar with the general performance and structure of the grinder, and the transmission system. Super performance is strictly prohibited.

In operation

1. Turn on the main power switch, turn on the magnetic absorption switch, press the oil pump and the grinding wheel to start the ingot, and run the empty car. After confirming that the components are working properly, normalization can be performed;

2. Before moving the workbench, make sure that the installed workpieces are neat and reliable. It is forbidden to correct the grinding wheel or beat out on the workbench of the machine tool. It is forbidden to put anything on the console surface to avoid damage to the machine tool and affect the machining accuracy;

3. When starting, start the magnetic suction, oil pump, grinding wheel, water pump and travel switch in sequence. When setting the knife, strictly control the distance of the lower knife to avoid damaging the grinding wheel and the workpiece too quickly. Generally speaking, resin-bonded grinding wheels are usually used for remanufactured magnetic flowers, and the feed volume of each mesh should not exceed 02mm. The first and last feeds should be controlled within 0.1mm. For the direct opening of the air barrier Magnetic core, usually use metal adhesive grinding wheel, the feed amount of each mesh should not exceed 0.1mm, and the first and last feeds should be controlled within 0.05mm;

4. The length and width of the workpiece must not exceed the length and width of the worktable;

5. During the grinding process, the grinding wheel is not allowed to stop when it does not exit the workpiece on the work surface. When stopping, stop the travel of the grinding groove first, and then stop the water pump, the grinding wheel, the oil pump and the demagnetization in order before removing the grinding workpiece;

6. The positioning safety device must be used when the knife is automatically moved. When moving fast, the handle position should be fixed, no one or anything is allowed to approach within the working range of the workbench, and pay attention to the movement of the workbench to prevent iodine collision accidents;

7. For each ground workpiece, sampling inspection should be carried out (for the magnetic core, the sampling ratio is 3%, others depend on the specifications of the workpiece), and the workpiece can be removed only after the sampling result fully meets the process requirements;

8. When loading and unloading the grinding wheel, the power supply should be cut off, and a wooden board should be placed on the work surface. Before loading the grinding wheel, it must be ensured that the grinding wheel has been balanced and corrected. Regularly use special tools (diamond corrector or workpiece) and level to trim the grinding wheel and correct the balance of the work surface. Generally, it is corrected once a week. If abnormal phenomena occur when the machine is working. If the workpiece is deformed or the consistency is not good after grinding, the grinding wheel should be corrected immediately and the work surface should be corrected;

9. During use, if there is any abnormal situation, stop the operation immediately, turn off the power supply of the equipment, and notify the professional maintenance personnel for maintenance;

10. When working, you should concentrate and do not do things that have nothing to do with the work.

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