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The difference between grinding and cutting

Grinding and cutting are both important links in machining, but what is the difference between the two?

Use different tools
First of all, let’s first understand the difference between the tools used for grinding and cutting. The tool used for grinding is the “grinding wheel” and the tool used for cutting is the “tool”. In terms of function:

The abrasive particles in the grinding wheel are equal to the tip of the tool, the bonding agent of the grinding wheel is equal to the holder or the tool shank that keeps the tip of the tool, and the air hole of the grinding wheel is equal to the chip removal space of the tool.

Grinding characteristics
Compared with grinding, cutting can play a role in high-speed processing when processing softer and easy-to-process materials due to the difference in processing physical effects.

In addition, it is relatively suitable for grinding and processing of complex workpiece shapes, and the range of shapes that can be processed is relatively large.

The grinding has the following advantages:
①The abrasive is harder than the workpiece: the mineral abrasive is much harder than the metal material, so it can process very hard materials.

② Abrasive particles are produced continuously: when the tip of the tool is passivated, the tool can only be replaced, and the grinding wheel has a “self-sharpening effect”, and new abrasive particles can be automatically produced after passivation.

③Fast grinding speed: There are countless tool tips acting at the same time, even if the feed amount is small, the machining efficiency can be very high.

Processing angle
When processing difficult-to-cut materials due to different processing angles, grinding processing is also more advantageous !

Differences in processing difficult-to-grind materials
When processing difficult-to-grind materials, the two also have the following different characteristics.

Therefore, in the field of machining, when the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements are relatively good, and the material hardness and processing difficulty are high, the grinding method will be favored.

In addition, it is also common to use cutting as the pre-process processing and grinding as the arrangement of the post-process finishing.

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