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What is the reason for the inaccurate cutting of the band saw?

Band sawing machine is a kind of machine tool, and many of them rely on PLC to operate. Because this province has set up the program, it is relatively simple and convenient, and it is of great help to us! It can effectively improve production efficiency, but the band saw may also have inaccurate cutting. How should we deal with this? Listen to what the Zhejiang band sawing machine manufacturer says!

Reasons and solutions for unprepared belt cutting according to the bed
1. The band saw blade may be loose, tighten the saw blade.
2. The feeding speed of the band sawing machine is too fast. Adjust the speed control valve to make the feed speed slower.
3. The small bearing of the sawing machine in the guide angle of the sawing machine may be damaged. Replace the small bearing!
4. The distance between the two guide arms of the sawing machine is too large, adjust the distance of the guide arms, generally 6-10 cm larger than the material.
5. The band saw blade may wear out. The saw blade has repair value and can be repaired. If not, replace the saw blade.
6. The saw blade clamped by the guide angle of the guide arm of the sawing machine is not perpendicular to the table of the sawing machine. Install the saw blade and adjust the bolt of the saw guide angle so that the saw blade is perpendicular to the table.

Generally, the inaccurate cutting of the belt bed is due to these six reasons. As long as we find a method, it can help us very well! If you have any requirements for our products, you can contact the Zhejiang belt according to the bed manufacturer, our CNC band sawing machine can be wholesale, can be customized, can be produced according to customer needs, you are welcome to call. The sales engineer of ANTS MACHINE is looking forward to your call. If you want to buy band saws, high-speed sawing machines, and circular saws, please look for ANTS Machine.

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