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The effect of cutting fluid on band sawing machine

In the process of band sawing machine, cutting heat, sawing vibration, and wear are the three primary factors that lead to premature damage and failure of band saw blades. These three will shorten the service life of band saw blades and cause unnecessary cost waste for enterprises. Users also have to pay more for new saw blades. In order to avoid the influence of these factors on the band saw blade and help enterprises save human, material and financial resources, it is particularly important to use cutting fluid reasonably.

So, what kind of cutting fluid is the most suitable? First of all, we need to clarify two questions: what is cutting fluid? What does cutting fluid do? The following will be answered by Shanghai ANTS:

Cutting fluid is an industrial fluid used for cooling and lubrication. When sawing, the band saw blade runs at high speed, and the friction with the work piece will generate a lot of cutting heat, which will cause thermal deformation of the work piece and the band saw blade. The use of cutting fluid can reduce the temperature of the cutting zone, reduce this deformation, and maintain the hardness of the band saw blade. The same is true for choosing a band saw blade with better rigidity.

In addition, the cutting fluid can form a layer of lubricating “clothing” on the surface of the band saw blade to help the band saw blade cut more smoothly. Through the functions of these two aspects, the service life of the band saw blade can be effectively prolonged.

At the same time, the cutting fluid also helps to clean the chips attached to the saw teeth during the sawing process, which can effectively prevent the chips from entering the next round of cutting and cause the band saw blade to chip.

Cutting fluids can be divided into two categories: oil-based cutting fluids and water-based cutting fluids. Oil-based cutting fluid has good lubrication effect, while water-based cutting fluid has better cooling effect. Water-based cutting fluids are generally divided into three categories: emulsions, semi-synthetic cutting fluids and fully synthetic cutting fluids. Emulsions use only mineral oil as the base oil and are milky white when diluted. Usually diluted about 10 times. It is suitable for the processing of aluminum alloy and aluminum castings. Fully synthetic cutting fluid does not contain mineral oil and is a blue translucent liquid. This cutting fluid does not need to add water and is easy to operate. Semi-synthetic cutting fluid is a water-soluble cutting fluid containing mineral oil and chemical synthetic base oil. The composition of mineral oil accounts for 5%-50%.

The dilution ratio of the cutting fluid depends on the material of the cutting work piece. The general rule to follow is: the harder the material, the thicker the cutting fluid. The softer the material, the thinner the cutting fluid. The amount of cutting fluid supply and the level of concentration have an important impact on sawing. If the concentration is too low, the usage amount is too small, the sawtooth increases steadily, the tooth tip is easy to wear, the sawing stability is low, and the tooth tip is prone to early wear, skew cutting, belt breakage, and cutting skew noise.

The advantages of cutting fluid are mild and non-toxic, controllable concentration ratio, easy to operate, and only use warm water or alkaline cleaning agent to remove residual liquid. In addition, the cutting fluid also has the effect of preventing the generation of chips and rust. If the cutting fluid is not used or the concentration ratio is improper, the tooth tip of the band saw blade is easy to become blunt, resulting in cutting failure.

However, when sawing gray cast iron, malleable cast iron, graphite and other powdered materials, it is strictly forbidden to use cutting fluid, otherwise the saw belt will be rapidly worn and scrapped. Therefore, the correct and reasonable use of cutting fluid is also one of the best ways to prolong the service life of the band saw blade.

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