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How to reduce the operation cost of horizontal band saws ?

After the customer chooses to purchase a horizontal band saw, when cutting materials, reducing the cutting cost has become one of the customer’s considerations. Reducing the loss of the bimetallic band saw blade is one of the factors that reduce the cost of use, so how to reduce the loss in practical applications?

First of all, choose a high-quality saw blade product. When choosing, be sure to explain to the manufacturer what your cutting material is. The bimetallic band saw blade supplier will advise you to use a suitable saw blade. Now in the band saw blade market, manufacturers have divided saw blades into copper-aluminum colored band saw blades, carbon steel saw blades, tool steel saw blades, bundles of small diameter material band saw blades, thin-walled tube/light profile saw blades, and thick-walled saw blades according to the type of metal to be cut. Pipe/type steel saw blades, bearing steel saw blades, stainless steel saw blades, abrasive steel saw blades, titanium alloy band saw blades, nickel alloy band saw blades, etc.

Secondly, when cutting materials with a suitable new saw blade on a horizontal band saw, it must go through a running-in period before cutting normally. Only in this way can it avoid premature damage to the saw teeth.

Matters needing attention during the running-in period: 1. The line speed should not be too fast. 2. Feed speed. 3. Saw band tension.

Maintenance and maintenance of band sawing machine
1. Daily maintenance operations before sawing:
Check the height of the hydraulic oil and coolant level, and add it to the required height in time if it is insufficient.

Check the band saw blade to ensure that it has been properly tightened on the driving and driven wheels, and clamped in the left and right guide hands.

Check whether the wire brush is in proper contact with the band saw blade. If the wire wheel is worn out, replace it in time.
All lubrication points and sliding mating surfaces should be lubricated with oil.

2. Weekly maintenance:
The lubrication points of the band saw blade device, the hinged shaft of the saw frame, the active and passive bearings, and the main drive worm bearing are filled with grease lubrication.
Remove the debris in the cooling box and the dirt on the filter screen.
Maintenance every six months:
Check the bearing on the guide hand of the band saw blade. If it is severely worn, replace it.
Change the lubricating oil in the worm gear box (N320#).
Replace the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, and clean the dirt in the tank when changing the oil.

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