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3 Axis CNC Horizontal Milling Machine for Aluminum Profile

>This machine is suitable for opening, drilling, milling, keyhole, laundering, etc. on the curtain wall profile. It can handle various configuration files.
>Adopt Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver.
>Using Italian high-speed HSD spindle.
>Using HIWIN linear guide and YYC grinding rack, the machining accuracy is high.
>Using special computer control system and CAD-CAM software in the industrial field.
>Using SYMENS electro-pneumatic products, solenoid valves, SMC air source processor and JPC cylinders.
>Rotating six-station mill for easy replacement of mills.
>Double profile positioning device, no need to stop the machine when opening and closing profiles.
>Equipped with semi-enclosed safety protection device to ensure the personal safety of operators.

Technical Parameter:

Input voltage 380V 50Hz
Input power 12Kw
Spindle power 5.5Kw
Spindle speed 0~18000r/min
X-axes travel 7200mm
X-speed 0~60m/min
Y-axes travel 900mm
Y-speed 0~30m/min
Z-axes travel 300mm
Z-speed 0~30m/min
Process range 7000×600×280mm
Overall dimension 11000×1800×2300mm

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