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How to choose a high-quality CNC sawing machine

Choosing a high-quality CNC sawing machine and operating and adjusting the machine tool reasonably are particularly important factors to ensure the service life of the band saw blade. The rigidity and working performance of the CNC sawing machine can avoid the huge impact of vibration and various stresses on the saw blade. Reasonable selection of your use How to choose a high-quality CNC sawing machine?

Cutting power of CNC sawing machine: whether it is felt that the cutting power is slow in the process of cutting metal, advanced structure of CNC sawing machine, intelligent operating system of LCD touch screen, five sets of different sawing data can be set at one time, the program will complete you in order To set the mission of sawing, you only need to place the data, simply press the panel to set the data program to be sawed, and then press the preliminary work, and the next thing will be fully completed by the CNC sawing machine, and no special person is required for the whole process. On duty, large traveling operation and processing power, the problem of saw blade selection, that is, the unreasonable configuration of saw blade selection.

Another factor that affects the cutting power of the CNC sawing machine is the problem of the sawing machine. What are the specific factors of the CNC sawing machine? During the period, the center is the line speed of the sawing machine. The CNC sawing machine chooses infinitely variable speed. At the cutting time, it can travel 50% higher. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the cutting power of the traveling sawing machine.

How to choose a high-quality CNC sawing machine?

After the CNC sawing machine is powered on, it is necessary to first check whether each fan in the CNC equipment is working normally, and confirm whether the DC power supply on each printed circuit or module is normal, and whether it is allowed to further confirm the equipment within the unreliable plan. Various parameters, when the CNC sawing machine is powered on online, the inlet pump should be connected to the power supply at the same time as a preparation for an emergency stop button, so as to cut off the power supply in an emergency situation. Use manual and low speed to move each axis, and check whether the flashing of the movement direction of the CNC sawing machine is reasonable. Carry out the movement of back and forth the reference point of the CNC sawing machine several times to check whether the CNC sawing machine has the function of the reference point of the back and forth, and whether the orientation of the reference point is exactly the same each time. It cannot be limited to the defects of the CNC system. How to eliminate the defects and modify them in time, so that the CNC system can be put into use as soon as possible, and the daily maintenance can be reasonably used. There is no single saw blade that can meet all sawing requirements.

Various types of saw blades with different methods and characteristics have different effects. This selection includes the appropriate width, tooth shape and tooth pitch of the band saw blade, and reasonable use of sawing parameters. The period mainly includes the movement of the saw blade. Speed, feed pressure, feed force and saw belt tension, etc., the material should be tight, silver and warm when sawing. If it is sintered, brownish blue, thick or powdery, etc., the relevant parameters need to be adjusted.

The above is to introduce to you how to choose a high-quality CNC sawing machine. If you want to know more about the operation of CNC sawing machine and the prices of various sawing machines, please contact us.

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