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330A Intelligent CNC High-speed Band Sawing Machine

330A intelligent high-speed band sawing machine is a double-column band sawing machine, sawing range: round material diameter: 330 (mm); square material: 330*330 (mm). The saw blades, guide rails, electrical components and hydraulic components used are all high-end products of well-known brands at home and abroad; the circuit design is scientific, energy saving, and the electrical box space is optimized, which not only ensures the low failure rate of the machine, facilitates maintenance, and saves time.

330A intelligent high-speed band sawing machine adopts PLC control, touch screen display, intelligent man-machine interface, and easy operation. When users use it, they only need to install the workpiece, input the length and quantity to be cut, and then switch the mode to automatic mode, the equipment can automatically cut according to the predetermined program, clamp the workpiece – sawing – sawing completed – retracting – Feeding – Re-clamping the workpiece…and so on until the workpiece is cut to a preset amount. The intelligent sawing program can automatically detect the change of force during the sawing process and change the sawing speed, which improves the sawing efficiency, avoids violent sawing, and effectively prolongs the service life of the saw blade. The main drive adopts worm gear reducer, which has strong power and reliable performance. After precise balance correction, the operation is stable and reliable. The transmission parts are calibrated for precise balance correction, reducing vibration, and the descending speed is stable. This precision system can prevent abnormal damage of the saw blade and achieve the ideal sawing effect. Steel brush type chip removal to ensure thorough cleaning of sawdust. At the same time, it is equipped with a screw chip conveyor, which can discharge the iron chips generated by sawing to a special trolley and push it away. Reasonable saw band pre-guide and guide device, effective.To prolong the life of the saw belt, the movable saw blade guide device and the side pressing device move together, and the structure is stable and the movement is flexible.

Professional talents and superb technology create high-quality products. 330A intelligent CNC high-speed band sawing machine is a new type of opto-mechatronics, automatic CNC horizontal band sawing machine developed by our company. This intelligent CNC high-speed band sawing machine brings together the essence of similar products at home and abroad, with content, high automation, high sawing accuracy and high efficiency and other remarkable features, ideal equipment for large-scale cutting.

330A intelligent CNC high-speed band sawing machine applies a large number of advanced and mature CNC technology, and replaces conventional electrical control with programmable PLC controller, which greatly improves the working reliability of the sawing machine; The integrated “human-machine interface” operation panel can be realized, and multiple sets of data are preset to make the operation more intelligent and humanized. The mechanical operation is extremely simple and efficien。

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