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There is a problem of spiral line in cylindrical grinder processing

The reason why the surface of the workpiece processed by the cylindrical grinder has spiral lines is mainly due to the excessive straightness of the generatrix of the grinding wheel and unevenness, so that the grinding wheel and the workpiece surface are only partly in contact during grinding. When the workpiece reciprocates several times, it will Prone to spiral lines. The specific solutions are as follows:

(1) If the grinding wheel is poorly dressed, the hydraulic system should be adjusted so that there is no creep when the worktable moves at a low speed (about 20-40mm/min), and the grinding wheel should be re-dressed.

(2) When dressing the grinding wheel, the amount of dressing should not be too much, and the grinding fluid must be increased to prevent the thermal expansion of the diamond and affect the straightness of the grinding wheel’s generatrix.

(3) Use white jade whetstone to invert the sharp edges of the blunt grinding wheel.

(4) Appropriately reduce the speed of the worktable and the rotational speed of the workpiece. The linear speed of the workpiece is generally 1/60~1/100 of the linear speed of the grinding wheel, and the speed of the worktable should generally be between 0.5~3m/min.

(5) Reasonably select the feed rate according to the particle size and hardness of the grinding wheel.

(6) Adjust the lubricating oil of the guide rail to the specified pressure.

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