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14 important parts of a centerless grinder

Machine bed/machine bed
The base is a sturdy heavy cast iron structure that supports the other parts of the machine. It contains the hydraulic oil tank and the grinding wheel head assembly.
Tip: A machine with a solid base will increase the rigidity of the machine and reduce vibration.

Swivel plate
The rotating disc is a rectangular cast iron part, which is mounted on the base with a trunnion. Through the adjustment dial, the adjustment wheel can be aligned with the grinding wheel correctly.

Grinding wheel
The grinding wheel is a cutting tool used to remove part of the workpiece. It is made of abrasive grains and bonding agent.

Grinding wheel dresser
The grinding wheel dresser is installed behind the grinding wheel to dress the grinding wheel with diamonds.

Grinding wheel head
The grinding head that fixes the grinding wheel is a movable shell, which is fixed on the base with bolts.

Wheel head and spindle
There is a main shaft supporting the grinding wheel in the grinding wheel head. The high-precision spindle supports and rotates the grinding wheel.

Lower slide
The slide rail installed on the rotating plate is used to control the adjusting wheel and the workpiece holder, and simultaneously advance or retract to the grinding wheel.

Upper slide
It is installed on the sliding rail to control the direction of the adjusting wheel to or away from the workpiece holder. It contains the drive for adjusting the wheel.

Dual compensation infeed assembly
The dual-compensation feed component is composed of two precision ball threaded rods and is installed on the upper and lower rails. This component is used to adjust the machine to fit the size of the workpiece.

Regulating wheel
The adjusting wheel is made of rubber bond mixed with abrasives. It has the function of supporting the workpiece and driving the workpiece to rotate.

Regulating wheel dresser
The adjusting wheel dresser is installed on the adjusting wheel housing, and the adjusting wheel is trimmed with diamonds.

Regulating wheel head
The adjusting wheel head is installed on the surface of the upper slide rail and can be rotated on the surface. Contains the adjustment wheel and the main shaft of the adjustment wheel.

Work rest
The workpiece holder is installed on the lower sliding block to support the knife plate.

The knife board is fixed on the workpiece holder to support the workpiece.

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