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Three Characteristics of Turret Lathe Machine

1. The compact structure does not take up too much space

One of the characteristics that a turret lathe should have is that it has a compact structure and does not occupy a lot of space. Many people may sneer after reading this, thinking that since it is a lathe, its area should not be limited. You must know that not all factories belong to the large-scale category. If the turret lathe is too long and wide, or the model and specification are relatively fixed, some of the intended customers will be lost.

2. Has high precision and reaction rate

The accuracy and speed of the Tsugami turret lathe are the key contents that must be investigated. A truly worthy lathe excels in these two aspects. It completes the cutting of products with high precision and uses fast response to reduce delay problems. Only turret lathes with these two characteristics have a broad sales market, and those lathes with low precision and slow response will be eliminated.

3. The actual workmanship of each part is relatively

The good durability of the turret lathe is reflected in the workmanship. Don’t underestimate this point. Only the workmanship in place can enhance the utilization rate of the machine tool, and the continuous operation can also be in a normal state. Some unqualified turret lathes can maintain stable motion at the beginning, and will gradually fall into a stuck situation in the second half, which will seriously interfere with the production progress.

Do you know that the turret lathe used needs to meet these three characteristics?

The pros and cons of turret lathes have a far-reaching impact. Manufacturers who are well versed in this principle will treat each link carefully and eliminate potential unfavorable factors in time, while turret lathe manufacturers with a sloppy attitude will gradually enter the bottleneck period of development. After all, the price of machine tools is not low, and the machine tools ordered at a high price must achieve the purpose of making the best use of them, otherwise the cost will increase.

Through the above content, do you have a clear understanding of the characteristics of the Tsugami turret lathe? Hangzhou Milwo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. meets the requirements of modern automatic production and improves production efficiency, product quality and pass rate.

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