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Three feeding methods of band sawing machine

When sawing work pieces, the sawing machine is efficient, fast and convenient, so it has become the first choice for many processing manufacturers to saw materials. When the band saw is sawing, the sawing position of the work piece is different, but the saw blade of the band saw cannot move, so it is necessary to move the work piece to make the work piece reach the position where the saw blade can be sawed. The band sawing machine mainly has the following three feeding methods when working:

1. Mechanical transmission feeding

When using a semi-automatic band sawing machine or a double-column band sawing machine for sawing materials, the general size of the work piece to be processed is large, so it is inconvenient to use manual feeding and feeding. To control the material, the operator only needs to measure the sawing data in advance, and press the feeding and discharging button according to the sawing position during the sawing work.

2.Manual feeding and feeding

When using an ordinary band sawing machine for sawing materials, since the work piece to be processed is generally small in size, the sawing position can be measured in advance before processing. While the band saw is working, the material is manually placed under the band saw blade for sawing.

3.CNC automatic feeding and feeding
When using the fully automatic CNC band sawing machine to saw the work piece, it is only necessary to set the sawing parameters on the CNC system in advance to realize the automatic feeding of plastic and automatic sawing of the band sawing machine. There are many advantages of cutting materials, mainly to ensure the accuracy of the processed work piece and avoid unnecessary losses.

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