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Various technical requirements and key points of band sawing machine operation

Safe operation and strict compliance matters
1. When operating the sawing machine, it is forbidden to wear gloves and loose clothing. So as not to make the body involved in the machine, causing danger.
2. After fully confirming irrelevant persons and obstacles around the machine, it can be started.
3. Please fully confirm that the material is indeed clamped before starting the saw blade. For special-shaped materials, please use special clamps to clamp them firmly, otherwise, during the cutting process, the material may fall and fly out.
4. When cutting thin or short materials, be sure to take preventive measures, otherwise, after the cutting is finished, the processed product may fall or roll out, which may cause danger.
5. It is forbidden to operate the machine when the belt pulley cover, saw band cover, etc. are removed or opened, so as to prevent the body from being caught in it, which may cause danger.
6. It is forbidden to touch the saw blade or the chip conveyor during operation.
7. When the saw blade is running, never adjust the wire brush or remove chips.

Daily boot check
1. Confirm the amount of hydraulic oil
2. Confirm the amount of cutting fluid
3. Check the scale of each valve.
4. Confirm the position of the wire brush.
5. Confirm that the saw blade is tensioned and whether it is correctly hung on the main and driven wheels.

1. After the daily operation, please clean the machine
2. Clean the filter in the iron filing box once a month, and clean the filter screen of the cutting fluid pump. Add lubricating oil (yellow dry oil).
3. Replace the cutting fluid every 3 months (in winter, the replacement time can be extended appropriately). When cleaning, please clean the cutting fluid tank thoroughly to completely remove precipitated
4. Replace the hydraulic oil every 6 months to ensure a smooth oil path.
5. Back pressure bearings, side guide bearings, alloy clamping blocks, and wire brushes are all vulnerable parts. If worn, please replace them in time. Otherwise it will seriously affect the cutting quality.

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