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The Difference Between a Circular Saw and a Band Saw

With the continuous improvement of the sawing requirements of purchasing companies, the technology and performance of circular sawing machines and band sawing machines are also constantly improving and upgrading. More and more purchasing companies choose circular sawing machines to replace traditional sawing machines, but there are also many Buyers will have doubts: Compared with a circular saw and a band saw, what are the advantages of choosing a circular saw?

Next, professionals in the Jinfeng saw industry will analyze the differences between circular saws and band saws:

1. The difference in operability between a circular saw and a horizontal band saw. In the past, the operation of the band sawing machine must be supervised by the operator to observe the sawing situation and place the processed workpiece, which is relatively troublesome, while the circular sawing machine generally adopts the numerical control automatic control operation, and only needs to adjust the set value and The parameters do not need to be supervised by personnel, and it also saves manpower and material resources for the purchasing company.

2. Differences in the delivery of circular saw sets and band saws. In terms of price, circular sawing machines are much higher than band sawing machines, and small and micro enterprises are not recommended to buy circular sawing machines.

3. The difference in production efficiency between circular saw and band saw. Although the price of the circular saw is high, its production efficiency is very good. The circular saw can meet the needs of large purchasing enterprises. Usually, the output of the circular saw is higher than that of the band saw. The use of the circular saw can Help enterprises to effectively improve production efficiency.

In general, if the purchasing company has a large production volume and has high requirements on the quality of the workpiece, it is recommended to use a circular saw; on the contrary, Jinfeng sawing industry is constantly innovating in the technology of band sawing machines, which can also meet the sawing needs of purchasing companies. Specifically, it depends on the actual situation of the company. Whether it is a circular saw or a band saw, it can well meet the sawing requirements of the purchasing company.

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