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What are the composition and functional characteristics of CNC cylindrical grinders?

The CNC cylindrical grinder is a pre-programmed program according to the processing requirements, and the control system sends out numerical information instructions for processing. It is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical surfaces.

CNC cylindrical grinders generally have the characteristics of generalization, high degree of modularization, high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and high adaptability.

According to the different types of CNC cylindrical grinders, it is suitable for batch processing of related parts in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, air compressors, bearings, military, aviation, and aerospace.

Main features

The CNC cylindrical grinder is composed of bed, worktable, grinding wheel frame, head frame, tail frame and other parts.

1. Bed and workbench

The bed is made of large round holes and shark fin-shaped ribs. After long-term use, the machine tool has good dynamic and static rigidity.

The working table is divided into upper and lower table, which can grind the conical surface. The guide rails of the bed and the worktable are made of plastic-fitted guide rails, which have a small friction coefficient. The worktable is directly driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw, and the movement is stable and reliable.

2. Grinding wheel stand

The linear speed of the grinding wheel is 35m/s or 50m/s or 80m/s, and the grinding efficiency is high. The grinding head is a three-piece dynamic pressure bearing or a dynamic and static pressure bearing, and the reversal accuracy is high. The movement of the grinding wheel carriage (X-direction) is directly driven by the servo motor and the ball screw, with a minimum resolution of 0.0001mm.

3. Headstock

The rotation of the headstock dial is driven by the motor’s frequency conversion speed regulation to drive the pulley. The dial rolls. The dial speed is 40-500r/min.

4. CNC box and electric cabinet

There is an independent numerical control operation box with LCD display, machine operation buttons, 1um band compensation switch, hand pulse generator, etc.

5. End face measuring instrument and radial measuring instrument

When the CNC cylindrical grinder has a radial measuring instrument, the measured value is automatically input to the CNC system, and the CNC system sends a signal to make the X-direction servo motor roll and drive the ball screw to a given position, so that the size of the grinding workpiece can reach the required stably Position, the scale dispersion of batch grinding workpiece is less than 0.003mm.

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