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CH Series Hydraulic Double-column Band Sawing Machine

ANTISHI double-column hydraulic metal bandsaw machine has hydraulic control of sawing feed speed, infinitely adjustable. The saw blade adopts rolling bearing and carbide guide, which prolongs the life of the saw blade. It is an ideal equipment for cutting materials in small and medium batches.

1.CH Series Hydraulic Double-column Band Saw Features
①.Double-column structure of metal band sawing machine, stable operation

②.The work clamping adopts hydraulic clamping, which is simple and convenient to operate

③.The cutting speed is hydraulically controlled and steplessly adjustable

④.High sawing precision and good stability

⑤.The structure of the guide block is scientific and reasonable, which can prolong the service life of the saw blade

⑥.Three-way hydraulic clamping device can be customized

2.Main Components of the CH Series Hydraulic Double-column Band Saw
Machine Base,Main drive system,Clamping device, Saw frame,Guiding device, Saw blade hydraulic tension and broken belt protection device,Cooling system, Hydraulic system,Electrical system. The inner cavity of the base has a relatively large space, the front middle side is the hydraulic station, the front left side is the power control box, and the right side is the coolant tank. The bed is cast iron and is fixed on the bottom seat. The column is composed of a large and small column. The large column is used as a guide for the movement of the saw frame. It is used to support the up and down movement of the saw beam and ensure accurate guidance. The small column assists function, so as to ensure the normal cutting of the saw blade. The middle is the manual feeding mechanism clamp and the material vise. The front of the vise is connected to the workpiece table that accepts the finished parts. The clamping device on the left is the clamping screw that passes through the inner hole of the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod. Press the button or turn it. Turn the handwheel to move the left jaw left and right.

Maintenance and management of CH Series Hydraulic Double-column Band Saw

①.Remove all kinds of metal shavings from the machine (preferably with a non-fiber cleaning cloth).

②.Empty the swarf collection drawer (located on the right side of the bed).
③.Fill the coolant to the specified level.

④.Check the saw blade for wear and replace if necessary.
⑤.Check the blade cleaning brush and return it after cleaning. If worn out, replace it.
⑥.After each day’s work, relax the saw blade and adjust the tension to 5bar (70㎏) to avoid unnecessary stress on the machine tool.

⑦.Clean the clamp plates and lubricate the joints and rail surfaces with a high-quality lubricant.

⑧.Check the position of the tension piston of the saw blade, the tension cylinder must be extended by 44mm, otherwise the cylinder will be filled with oil.

⑨.Check the sliding body of the clamping device, if the positioning is not accurate and there is a gap, adjust it.

⑩.Check that the saw blade is perpendicular to the clamping device clamping stop, adjust if necessary.

⑪.Check that the 0 degree mark on the stationary table is in line with the scale on the turntable
⑫.Whether the saw blade is perpendicular to the work surface, and whether it is perpendicular to the workpiece clamping stop.
⑬.Check whether the positioning of the left 45-degree stop pin and 60-degree stop pin is accurate, and adjust if they are out of alignment.
⑭.Check the status and position of the carbide tungsten alloy insert and the stop pin of the saw blade. If it is found to be worn, it needs to be replaced; if the position is deviated, adjust it if necessary.
⑮.Check the optional cutting control system oil level.

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