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Advantages of large surface grinder

Large grinders include 3060 series, 4080 series to 1 meter wide and 2 meters long. Large surface grinders are used for mass production of workpieces, grinding processing, and grinding materials include large mold steel templates, graphite carbonization gauge hardness data, and quenched magnetic cores inside transformers. Some soft materials, relatively large workpiece plates, generally large-scale surface grinders cannot be controlled by hand. Hydraulic cylinders are used to drive, and the left and right and front and back are active grinding.

There are quick action and active type up and down. The quick action type is operated by the switch button. The hand presses the switch to run up and down. The active type is the touch screen to input data and move up and down, which is more conducive to humanization. This must be seen in the different options for the production of workpieces. It’s different, you can only buy your own suitable machine tools.

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