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Metal Band Saw – Rolled Titanium Rod

Recently, the fully automatic 530B of Shanghai ANTISHI machinery and equipment has been installed and debugged on site and has been officially put into production. The machine tool can be applied to sawing of rolled titanium bars. The sawing is designed and manufactured according to the on-site requirements of the first domestic aviation-grade titanium bar rolling production line. Length sawing of 90 – 500 mm rolled titanium bars.

Titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, high-temperature alloys, etc. all belong to the category of difficult-to-machine materials, and their common characteristics are expensive and difficult to process. In order to avoid wasting raw materials and reduce processing costs, it is particularly important to adopt a reasonable cutting method. As the world’s leading brand of sawing equipment, Shanghai ANTISHI is also a leader in this field. Its GZ series high-speed band sawing machine effectively achieves the double improvement of sawing efficiency and production economy, and has won more and more attention and recognition in the field of titanium alloy casting and forging.

In this project, the Shanghai ANTISHI sawing machine is connected to the end of the titanium rod rolling production line. Under the control of the sawing machine, a single titanium rod is sent to the sawing machine by the conveying roller table of the cooling bed, and the length is automatically determined according to the set length, and several times of sawing are performed. The truncated finished titanium rods are automatically transferred to the blanking area, and sent to the storage rack by the turning arm. The sawing line can cut the head and tail of the rolled raw material bar of 25 meters, and cut the fixed-length workpiece of 3 to 6 meters. Taking a round bar with a diameter of 160mm as an example, the cutting process time for a 5-meter workpiece is about 8 minutes.

Shanghai ANTISHI has been active in the Chinese market for many years, and has accumulated a large number of industry leaders. It can provide more new customers with model references and optimized sawing solutions.


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