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What Causes the Temperature of the CNC Milling Machine to be Too High?

What is the reason why the temperature of the line rail CNC lathe is too high? Next, the CNC milling machine manufacturer will explain to you:

On the one hand, the common problems such as abnormal damage to mechanical parts and blockage of pipelines are all common methods that will cause the temperature of the corresponding parts to rise. Therefore, the overflow is a characteristic main parameter that mainly expresses common faults;

On the other hand, the characteristics of the mechanical parts of the ZX-100 automatic milling machine are closely related to the temperature. If the temperature is too high, the characteristics of the parts will be reduced, and even thermal cracking of the parts may be caused. A key factor in the common problems of rail CNC lathe industrial equipment.

Therefore, temperature monitoring has a key reputation in industrial equipment failure testing. It is often said that temperature monitoring refers to the application of various temperature measuring instruments and equipment to accurately measure the temperature increase of industrial equipment, machinery and equipment, and compare it with the temperature of industrial equipment, machinery and equipment in normal operation, so as to diagnose the parts that cause problems. and FAQ level. In the fault test and detection of the industrial equipment of the offline rail machining center, the temperature measurement methods can be divided into two categories: capacitive temperature measurement and non-contact temperature measurement. Capacitance gate temperature measurement has the characteristics of fast, appropriate and convenient, so it is widely used in various industrial production fields.

However, it cannot meet the temperature measurement requirements of some special sites, such as temperature monitoring at the contact point of high-voltage transmission lines, temperature monitoring of steel-making blast furnaces, etc. For such sites, try to use non-contact temperature measurement. The non-contact temperature measurement method has the advantage of not damaging the temperature field of the other half being measured, and can accurately measure the temperature of the sports fitness prefabricated component, but it only measures the surface temperature of the system, and cannot accurately measure the internal structure temperature of the machining center.

The use of the line rail CNC lathe machining center must ensure that the common problems caused by it can be reduced before it happens, so that the benefits and economic benefits can be truly added. Of course, the important thing about the CNC lathe is the heat dissipation problem, especially in the case of summer use. , To put the machinery and equipment into the air circulation for production and processing, once the temperature of the CNC lathe rises, it is not easy to drop again, so before the production of the automatic lathe ZC-300, it is necessary to eliminate the cause that may cause the temperature of the CNC lathe to rise.

Then, the roller bearing is easy to heat up. During the production period, it is necessary to pay attention to not being able to load the production and processing to prevent the roller bearing from heating due to unscientific operation; later, the unstable working standard voltage will also cause the temperature to be unbalanced, so the production It is very important to check the working standard voltage before processing, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the CNC lathe, but also reduce safety production accidents.

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