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Automatic horizontal metal band sawing machine (330B) appearance design patent

This machine tool is mainly used for the sawing of small and medium-sized bars, tubes and plates, and can be adapted to the sawing of various ferrous metal materials. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, energy saving, narrow saw cut, energy saving and material saving, and simple operation.

The machine tool adopts a double-column structure to ensure structural reliability, stability and advancement. Each part of the machine has a margin of function, while also ensuring high-quality sawing accuracy.

The feed of this machine tool adopts step-by-step hydraulic automatic speed regulation. The feed speed can be automatically adjusted according to the saw band load. At the same time, the saw band line speed is regulated by frequency conversion.

1. The name of this design product: Horizontal Band Saw (330B).
2. The purpose of this design product: equipment used for automatic sawing of metal and non-metal materials.
3. The main point of the design of this design product: lies in the shape.
4. The picture or photo that best shows the main points of the design: the main view.
5. The bottom surface of this design product is a part that is not easy to see or can’t be seen during use, so the bottom view is omitted.

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