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Application skills of three jaw chuck in CNC lathe

1. Three jaw chuck is also called three jaw self centering chuck. It determines the rotation center of the workpiece according to the circumference of the workpiece clamping part, but its centering accuracy is not very high. Generally, according to the application occasion, when finishing turning, grinding and milling parts with high precision with universal indexing head,
The three jaw chuck with high clamping accuracy is selected, and the three jaw chuck with low clamping accuracy is used in grinding, milling and other processing required by rough turning and invisible position accuracy.

2. The principle of clamping workpiece with three jaw chuck is to use chuck wrench to rotate any of the three bevel teeth on the circumference. So as to drive the plane thread to rotate and drive the three claws to move together, which plays the role of self centering and clamping the workpiece; From the mechanical structure, the three bevel teeth of the chuck have the same function, but after careful inspection, the accuracy of the three bevel teeth for clamping the workpiece is not the same, and the difference is large.

3. Rotate the bevel gear with a voltaic wrench. The bevel gear drives the plane rectangular thread, and then drives the three claws to move towards the center. Because the pitch of the plane rectangular thread is equal, the three claws move at the same distance, which has the function of automatic centering. The three jaw chuck is composed of a large bevel gear, three small bevel gears and three jaws.

Three small bevel gears mesh with the large bevel gear, the back of the large bevel gear is provided with a plane thread structure, and the three claws are equally installed on the plane thread. When the small bevel gear is pulled with a wrench, the large bevel gear will rotate, and the plane thread on the back of it will make the three claws close to or withdraw from the center at the same time.

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