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Maintenance of sawing machine hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil is selected according to the designation of the metal band sawing machine, sawing machine, angle sawing machine, CNC sawing machine, and gantry sawing machine. Choose a closed fuel tank and install an air filter at its entrance. During the application process, prevent the intrusion of moisture, emulsion, dust, fiber debris and other mechanical debris. After the pipes and components of the sawing machine system are filled with oil, the oil volume of the hydraulic oil tank should be kept within the designated oil level plan. Before the band saw blade hydraulic system is put into use, it must be rigorously cleaned. Strict filtration is necessary when refueling. Check the oil filter frequently and replace it immediately if it is contaminated. Check the quality of hydraulic oil regularly.

The first one is the degree of oxidation of hydraulic oil. Assuming that the hydraulic oil is dark brown in color and has a bad smell, it indicates that it has been oxidized. The darker the brown, the stronger the offensive odor, indicating that the degree of oxidation is more fierce. At this time, new oil should be replaced.

The second is the water content of hydraulic oil. Assuming that the hydraulic oil is milky white and the smell has not changed, it means that there is too much water mixed in. Take a small amount of hydraulic oil and drop it on the hot iron plate. At this time, new oil should be replaced.

The third is the impurity content in hydraulic oil. Put a few drops of hydraulic oil on your hand and twist it with your fingers. If there are more metal particles or flashes (in the sun), it proves that the hydraulic oil is rich in mechanical impurities. It must be accumulated for no less than 42h, and then filtered and used. Replace the hydraulic oil when ordered. After shutting down, operate the work equipment to put it in the highest position, close the idea, use the hydraulic oil’s own weight, and drain the oil when the hydraulic oil is hot (simple to bring out mechanical impurities and oil stains), and then thoroughly clean the oil tank and pipelines. Participate New oil. Accurately clean the hydraulic system. Never use kerosene or diesel as cleaning fluid.

When cleaning, the flow rate should be as large as possible, so that the liquid flow in the pipeline is turbulent, and the actions of the various implementing components should be completed to flush out the contaminants from the various pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders and other components. After cleaning, drain the cleaning fluid under hot conditions and replace with new oil.

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