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VMC24LW vertical machining

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VMC24LW verticalmachining center has C-type structure, X/Y axis linear guideways, Z-axishardened guideways, big lead ballscrews on 3 axes.It’s suitable for hubs of auto, motorcycleindustries, and milling, drilling, boring, tapping operations on valves andmolds parts in aerospace, motor, instruments industries. It can make complex 2Dand 3D mold, cavity and surface. Suitable for both small batch production andautomatic production lines.

items parameters
Work table dimension(W×L)mm×mm  (in×in) 600×1300


T-slot mm(in) 5-18(0.709)
T-slot distance  mm(in) 120(4.724)
max permissible load  kg (lbs) 1000(2205)
spindle Spindle taper hole BT40
spindle power  kW (hp) 7.5/11(10.17/14.96)(FANUC)
spindle speed  r/min(rpm) 8000
pop rivet size MAS 403 P40T-Ⅰ
travel X-axis right and left travel  mm(in) 800(31.496)
Y-axis back and forth travel  mm(in) 600(23.622)
Z-axis up and down travel  mm(in) 1000(39.370)
Capacity Distance of spindle center to column  mm(in) 655(25.787)
Distance of spindle nose to table face  mm(in) 80-1080(3.15-42.520)
Feed (direct) Max feedrate of X/Y/Z-axis  mm/min(ipm) 10000(393.7)
apid traverse of X/Y/Z-axis  m/min(ipm) 36/36/20(1417.32/1417.32/787.40)
Motor power of X/Y/Z-axis  kW(hp) ≥3(4.08)
Tool magazine capacity of tool magazine (bundle) 24凸轮机械手
Max tool weight  kg(lbs) 8(17.64)
Max tool section  mm(in) Φ80×300(Φ3.15×11.811)
Accuracy Repeatability (GB/T18400-2010) mm(in) 0.020/0.014/0.020 (0.000787/0.000551/0.000787)
Positioning  accuracy (GB/T18400-2010) mm(in) 0.010/0.010/0.013 (0.000394/0.000394/0.000511)
Others power source  (kVA) 20
gross weight  kg(lbs) 8500(18742.5)
net weight  kg(lbs) 8000(17640)
L/min (Usgal/min)air source 250(66)
air pressure  MPa (psi) 0.5-0.7(72.5-101.5)
Dimensions (L×W×H)  mm(in) 4280×3600×3200(168.50×141.73×125.98)

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