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What are the options for cylindrical grinders

There are many varieties of cylindrical grinders, so if you want to get a comprehensive understanding and understanding, then the whole and each type cannot be omitted. However, because of the limited space of the article, the following will explain the relevant knowledge from the cylindrical grinder as a whole, so that we can have learning content and make progress.

1. On a cylindrical grinder, what choices must be clear?

Abrasives for cylindrical grinders: If the rolls are hardened or non-hardened, corundum grinding wheels should be used in the selection of grinding wheels. If the roll is alloy steel, then the corresponding chromium corundum grinding wheel. If it is stainless steel, the material of the grinding wheel is single crystal corundum.

Grinding wheel size of external cylindrical grinder: coarse grinding wheel is coarse-grained grinding wheel, fine-grained grinding wheel is used for fine grinding. For mirror grinding, it is a micro-powder grinding wheel.

Grinding wheel hardness of cylindrical grinder: Generally speaking, the harder the grinding roller surface, the softer the grinding wheel hardness.

2. Regarding the large-scale cylindrical grinder, what should be paid attention to on the grinding wheel holder?

For large-scale cylindrical grinders, if there is a grinding wheel holder with a high-speed rotating grinding wheel on it, then it is a horizontal feed movement. Regarding its workbench, it is generally fixed. However, if it is a general grinding wheel carriage, it is to carry out the lateral feed movement and the longitudinal reciprocating movement.

3. Cylindrical grinder, can it be used to grind the outer circle of a sphere? How is its feed rate adjusted?

Cylindrical grinders cannot be used to grind the outer circle of a sphere, but if there is an arc dresser, it can grind the spherical raceway surface. As for the feed rate of this kind of grinder, generally speaking, it is adjusted by the dressing amount of the grinding wheel. Apart from this, there is no other adjustment method, so we should keep it in mind and do it correctly in practice in order to get the appropriate adjustment amount.

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