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Causes of cracking of band saw blades of metal band sawing machines

When the user finds that the band saw blade of the metal band saw is seriously cracked, first check the location and extent of the damage, whether it is in the groove position or from the back of the saw blade.
Failure of the driving wheel and the driven wheel: the driving wheel deviates from the horizontal line or is too heavy, that is, the static balance is not good. These two problems will cause the sawing machine to vibrate and cause external force to the band saw blade to cause cracking. The solution: replace or repair the moving wheel to make it balanced.
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Wrong tensioning force setting: Careless operators did not adjust the tension to a normal state, and did not consider the tensioning force on the saw blade, which made the band saw blade overstressed and fatigued, resulting in cracking. Solution: Check whether the installation of the band saw blade is reasonable, observe whether the guide block has wear defects or is stuck, adjust the guide block, then tighten the saw belt, and shake the weight bar up and down by hand, and it can swim freely.
Normal damage due to long-term use: The band saw blade is subject to impact, friction and stretching during the cutting work. If the continuous working time is too long, the product will crack due to excessive fatigue. For example, when cutting ordinary 45-gauge steel, a normal domestic bimetallic band saw blade can cut a solid area of ​​6 to 9 square meters. If this amount of cutting can be achieved, it is normal damage and scrapped. Therefore, there are many possibilities for the cracking of the band saw blade.

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