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Safety precautions during unintentional grinding operations

As with any machine tool, there are many safety guidelines that must be followed when operating a centerless grinder. Whether you are a novice or an experienced centerless grinder operator, you should have the following basic safety knowledge.

The first is to fully understand how to correctly operate a centerless grinder. And before operating the machine, please make sure that you have thoroughly read and understood the entire machine manual. (In addition, if you have other questions about unintentional grinding, please ask professionals)

Part1: General safety measures
① Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes, and avoid substances or debris suspended in the air that may drift into your eyes and cause injury.
②Do not wear loose clothing, such as ties and long sleeves. These may get entangled on the grinding wheel, lever or hand wheel on the machine and cause serious injury.
③Please use the elevator frequently when lifting heavy objects, which can help avoid back injuries.
④When lifting heavy objects, please use leg muscles instead of back muscles.
⑤When you want to clean the machine after a day’s work, use a brush instead of an air compressor to prevent chips and dust from flying into your eyes.
⑥ Always keep the work area clean. Dirty work areas, such as oil or water on the floor, may cause people to fall.
⑦Be sure to wear safety shoes to prevent objects from falling and being injured.

Part2: Safety measures for grinding wheels
Ensuring the safety of employees is an important measure of the manufacturing plant. From minor slips to serious injuries, the operators of centerless grinders need to be educated and reminded every day: the safe use of machine tools is of paramount importance.

Please read the following safety guidelines related to grinding wheels and share them with experienced or novice centerless grinder operators. In addition, before operating the machine, please make sure that you have thoroughly read and understood the entire machine manual.

①Immediately after receiving the grinding wheel:
★Check carefully to make sure they are not damaged during transportation.
★To test whether the ceramic grinding wheel is damaged, you can judge the state of the grinding wheel by suspending the grinding wheel and tapping the periphery of the grinding wheel with a non-metallic tool, and listening to whether there is any difference in the sound. An undamaged grinding wheel will emit a crisp metallic sound.
★Resin or other organically bonded grinding wheels will not emit metallic noise, so careful visual inspection must be carried out before use.
★When performing this test, the grinding wheel must be dry and free of sawdust. Note again that the organic bond grinding wheel will not emit the same metallic sound as the ceramic or silicate grinding wheel.

②The size of the grinding wheel used should not exceed the maximum outer diameter and thickness specified by the grinder. Do not load the grinding wheel hard on the grinder, and do not modify the size of the inner hole of the grinding wheel arbitrarily.

③Before starting the grinding wheel spindle, please make sure that the protective cover of the grinding wheel has been put down correctly and fixed.

④Do not approach the top of the grinding wheel at any time when the grinding wheel spindle is rotating.

⑤Before the operation, the new grinding wheel should run at full speed for at least one minute.
During this period, the operator should stand on the side away from the rotation of the grinding wheel.

⑥Do not touch the surface of the adjusting wheel or the grinding wheel with your fingers to determine the smoothness of the grinding wheel

⑦Be sure to use short wooden nail sticks or wooden strips to push the workpiece between the grinding wheels, not fingers or metal objects.

⑧Do not exceed the maximum safe linear speed of the grinding wheel:

The maximum use line speed is marked on the grinding wheel. It is usually marked on the side of the grinding wheel or blotting paper. The linear speed refers to the maximum speed at which the grinding wheel runs under its maximum diameter per unit time.

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