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Wide use of surface grinders in processing machine tools

Generally speaking, grinding can be divided into ordinary grinding, high-speed grinding and ultra-high-speed grinding according to the linear speed of the grinding wheel; according to the grinding precision, grinding can be divided into ordinary grinding, precision grinding and ultra-precision grinding. cut. With the increasing requirements for machining, the application of precision and ultra-precision grinding technology is becoming more and more widespread in grinding machine manufacturers.

The tool surface grinder is a part of the surface grinder and is also a device for fine grinding of cutting tools. It has some special mechanical structures and is mostly used for surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, profile grinding or combined applications. The same is a surface grinder. The problems that will not be encountered in the grinding operations of other surface grinders often occur in the tool grinding process, such as the short-circuit surface problem of the peripheral shape of the grinding wheel and interference with the tool being ground. These problems must be eliminated as much as possible by the grinding machine manufacturer during the operation, otherwise it will seriously affect the grinding effect.

The machining objects of tool surface grinders are mainly cutting tools, and there are many varieties, such as end mills, end mills, R-type milling cutters, turning tools, ball end mills, various drills, reamers, hobbing cutters and round bars Wait. Some of these tools have complex teeth and require high grinding accuracy. In order to grind these tools with high precision, the surface grinder needs to use multi-axis control and linear guide rails for platform applications.

At present, in the domestic market, compared with foreign CNC surface grinders, manual tool surface grinders with a price of hundreds of thousands or even millions are relatively dominant in my country. It is also suitable for the current domestic market demand and actual situation in our country.

The main tool surface grinder manufacturers in the mainland of China are located in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Xianyang and other cities. For example, the Hangzhou grinder manufacturer’s surface grinder products abandon the heavy and large concept of machinery and develop a series of light precision tool surface grinders that are suitable for the needs of the mainland market on the basis of introducing German technology.

The tool surface grinder series products use high-precision linear guide rails to ensure high-precision requirements while incorporating humanized design concepts, making it easier for users to operate during use.

Some user companies have established regrinding centers within their own companies in order to meet the needs of tool regrinding. The series of high-precision lightweight tool surface grinders developed by Hangzhou Hirano grinder manufacturer will reduce the company’s dependence on the skills of mechanical workers.

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