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A CS-280IICS Series Scissor type Metal Cutting Saw deliver to Brazil Customer

The Chinese New Year has just ended, and we ushered in the first order of the New Year in February. A Brazilian customer bought two band saw machines and one of them, CS-280II, have been shipped.

CS-280II machine tool adopts scissor structure to ensure the reliability, stability and advancement of the structure, and the functions of each part have margins, and at the same time, it also ensures high-quality sawing accuracy.

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name Metal Cutting Saw Machine Model No. CS-280II Export Country Brazil
Customer Introduction Our customers are from Brazil ,which mainly sells small band sawing machines and vertical sawing machines. With rich experience and high-quality technical level, it provides localized services for Brazilian customers .His local customers produce Auto parts, urgently need a CS-280II band sawing machine to cut 280mm stainless steel hollow steel pipes, ANTISHICNC company solves the problem quickly, arranges a spot machine for the customer, and arranges packing and shipping today

If any customer wants metalworking machinery such as Band saw machines, Radial drilling machines, milling machines, Welcome to contact our client. You can consulting with our sales by,Thank you!

Equipment Application CS-280II metal band saw the maximum can cut 280mm steel round bar, 220*300mm square bar,mainly used for sawing of small and medium-sized bars, tubes and plates, and can be adapted to sawing of various ferrous materials. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, energy saving, energy saving and material saving, and simple operation.
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CS-280IICS Series Scissor type Metal Cutting Saw

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