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Process design of surface grinder system

According to the planning requirements of the surface grinder, plan and produce the plan of the electrical board and electrical components, the plan of the control panel and the related electrical wiring diagram.

1. According to the requirements of the control system and the structure of the electrical equipment, determine the overall layout of the electrical components and the electrical components that should be installed on the control panel. In this system, the electrical components and power equipment of the on-site planning device of the forming surface grinder include: electric motors, etc. The electrical components installed on the electrical board in the electrical control box include: circuit breakers, fuses, isolation transformers, PLCs, contactors, central relays, thermal relays, and terminal boards. The electrical components of the planning device on the control panel include: control buttons, knob switches, and indicator lights of various colors.

2. According to the planning criteria of user satisfaction, such as convenient operation, beautiful and generous, uniform and symmetrical layout, make the layout diagram of the electrical panel components of the electric control box and the layout of the electrical panel components. The incoming and outgoing leads are connected by a terminal board.

3. According to the layout of electrical components and the dimensions and device dimensions of electrical components, make electrical panels (insulation panels, galvanized iron panels or frames), control panels (plexiglass panels, aluminum panels, or iron panels, etc.), backing plates (with mechanical High-strength insulation board or galvanized board) and other parts processing drawings. The figure should indicate the shape dimension, device aperture, positioning dimension and service, plate thickness and processing requirements, etc.

4. Plan the electric control box according to the scale of the electrical installation board and the control panel, and make the installation diagram of the electric control box. So far, the electrical control principle planning and process planning tasks required by the surface grinder system have been basically completed. The criteria for distinguishing components are:

① Combine components with similar functions;

② Reduce the number of connections between components as much as possible, and put the control appliances with close connections in the same component;

③ Separate the strong and weak electric controllers to reduce interference;

④In order to be neat and beautiful, you can combine electrical appliances with similar dimensions and weights together;

⑤In order to facilitate inspection and debugging, combine the components that need frequent adjustment, maintenance, and damage.

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