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How to solve the problem of inclination of cutting and blanking of metal band saw?

1. The cutting fluid used by the sawing machine should be adjusted to be relatively thick. During the cutting process, the water in the cutting fluid should be greater, and the iron filings should be removed in time to avoid blocking the saw teeth and affecting the cutting effect and the service life of the saw band.

2. When installing a new saw blade, the tension should be controlled between 25-35Nm. In order to improve the cutting effect of the sawing machine, each time a new saw blade is replaced, it will run in first. The cutting head of the sawing machine should be low speed and small. After removing the tooth tip burr, the feed is cut according to the normal cutting parameters.

3. According to the specifications and materials of the material to be cut, select the pitch of the saw band and the appropriate cutting amount. (The saw teeth of the saw blade should be larger, the teeth of the small steel saw teeth should be finer, and any broken saw blades cannot be used for automatic saws).

4. During use, if the saw blade of the sawing machine is damaged, after reinstalling the new saw blade, the uncut steel should be turned over and then cut. If the original saw is not turned over, it is easy to cause the saw blade to break again or the saw to tilt.

5. A reasonable number of roots should be selected for multi-body cutting to ensure that each root is in a clamped state, and the sawing material is removed from the sawing machine in time.

6. Observe whether all transmission and rotating parts have abnormal noise. If there is any reaction, raise or stop the saw frame immediately and inspect it.

7. During the processing of the sawing machine, pay attention to whether the cooling water is poured in normally. Clean the chips on the workbench in time, and frequently check the cleanliness and oil volume of the coolant and hydraulic oil. Usually add enough lubricant, replace the lubricant in the gearbox every year, and fill the guide rails and machined surfaces when the equipment is idle.

8. During the processing of the sawing machine, please strictly extend the saw blade in operation to avoid security accidents.

9. The operator must keep the position and observe the working condition of the sawing machine at any time. During processing, if you want to leave the sawing machine, you should stop before leaving.

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