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Advantages of the main drive of circular saw equipment

The Circular Saw machine is a kind of cutting and processing equipment. When using it, enterprises not only care about its quality, but also the benefits of use. For example, is the sawing ability strong? Is the device durable? Is the operation stable? A series of factors, because these will be closely related to the cost of the enterprise in the process of use, and the factors affecting these largely depend on the main drive of the circular saw equipment.

The main drive of Shanghai ANTS circular saw machine adopts a new advanced transmission mode of servo motor driven gearbox transmission. Compared with the traditional variable frequency motor drive, the Shanghai ANTS circular saw machine has the following advantages:

1. It adopts fully enclosed air-cooled structure without casing, with beautiful appearance and compact structure.

2. Adopt optimized electromagnetic design, low electromagnetic noise, stable operation and high efficiency.

3. Imported high-precision bearings and rotor high-precision dynamic balancing process are used to ensure that the motor runs stably and reliably within the maximum speed range, with low vibration and low noise.

4. Using corona-resistant enameled wire, the motor can be used reliably under the ambient temperature of -15℃~40℃ and the environment of dust and oil mist.

5. High-speed and high-precision encoders are used, which can be used for high-precision speed and position control in conjunction with high-performance drive units.

6. Strong overload capacity, it can operate reliably under 150% rated power for 30 minutes and 300% rated power for 5 minutes.

7. Wide speed regulation range (0-3000r/min range), large constant torque range (0-1000r/min range constant torque).

8. There are a wide range of materials for machine tool sawing. The former sawing basically covers all metal materials at home and abroad, while the latter is only limited to sawing structural steel and some alloy steel materials, especially for domestic and foreign difficult. The sawing of the cut material creates good conditions.

The main drive of the circular saw machine is a very important part. It not only reflects the stability of the equipment, but also reflects the ability and accuracy of sawing.

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