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CNC machine tools have become a trend to replace traditional machine tools

According to the development trend of China’s machine tool industry in the past ten years, except for the decline in 2012 and 2013, which was affected by the financial crisis, the rest of the year was in the growth range. According to statistics, in 2016, the sales volume and revenue of our country’s machine tool industry reached 1.797 million units and 284.1 billion yuan respectively.

In addition, the production and sales of traditional machine tools and CNC machine tools have also shown obvious differences. In 2016, the sales and revenue of CNC machine tools were 431,300 units and 118.5 billion yuan respectively; the sales and revenue of traditional machine tools were 1,365,800 units and 165.6 billion yuan, respectively. Although the number of traditional machine tools is significantly ahead of CNC machine tools, in terms of the benefits and growth rate of a single machine tool, CNC machine tools are one to several times higher than traditional machine tools.

There is still a gap between the CNC rate of machine tools in our country and that of developed countries

The CNC rate of China’s machine tools has been increasing year by year. The sales ratio of China’s CNC high-precision machine tools has increased from 19.4% in 2011 to 24.0% in 2016, and is expected to reach 30.7% in 2021.

The above-mentioned data shows that the rate of Chinese machine tools has been significantly improved in recent years, but there is still a big gap compared with the world’s advanced level. At present, the country with the highest rate of CNC machine tools is Japan, reaching 67.1%.

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