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Safe operation of gantry milling machine, easy to deal with emergencies

Gantry milling machine is a large-scale mechanical equipment. Because of its high machining accuracy, fast efficiency and easy operation, it is widely used to process the inclined surfaces of various special parts and large workpieces. Therefore, Nantong vertical and horizontal technicians standardize the processing of CNC gantry milling machine according to relevant documents such as equipment safety operation process specification, Even in case of emergencies during operation, it can be easily handled.


(1) Wear labor protection articles according to the regulations before work, tie the Social mouth, and do not wear towels and gloves at the same time. The long hair beyond the neck should be pulled in the hat, and wear protective glasses when cutting.


(2) Before operation, check whether the equipment safety device and safety protection device are intact and complete, and whether the insulation is damaged.


(3) The working objects shall be clamped with pressing plates, screws or special tools. When using an ordinary wrench, it is not allowed to add a sleeve to avoid slipping and hurting people.


(4) The cutting tool must be clamped firmly, otherwise it is not allowed to drive.


(5) Before work, check the operation of the rotating part of the machine tool and install the baffle of the machine tool before operation.


(6) When milling various workpieces, especially rough milling, slow cutting shall be carried out.


(7) When moving the workbench and ten thousand racks, loosen the fixing screws first to prevent accidents.


(8) When loading and unloading the cutting tools, the copper hammer or wood cone shall be used to gently hit to prevent the cutting tool fragments from flying out and hurting people.


(9) During cutting, it is not allowed to change the speed and adjust the tool, touch or measure the workpiece by hand, and the human body and head and hand are not allowed to approach the tool.


emergency measure


(1) In case of mechanical injury, scald and other injury accidents, temporary measures shall be taken for rescue; If there may be internal injuries, make them fall to the ground smoothly without major movements, and send them to the hospital for treatment in time.


(2) In case of personal electric shock accident, the switch shall be turned off immediately. After the electric shock is separated from the power supply, manual first aid shall be carried out and sent to the hospital in time. When the electric shock is separated from the power supply and may fall, measures to prevent falling shall be taken.


(3) In case of equipment failure, the operation shall be stopped immediately and the power supply shall be turned off. The operation can be carried out only after the problem is eliminated.


(4) In case of equipment accident, it shall be reported to the team leader quickly; In case of personal injury accident, stop the machine immediately and cut off the street power supply to rescue the wounded, report to the leaders, call the emergency telephone, and protect the scene. When it is necessary to rush to collect the wounded, you must make a presentation note, actively cooperate with the accident investigation, and do not lie or hide the truth of the accident.


In a word, I hope you can standardize your operation process, avoid accidents and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise


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