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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company successfully exported 1 set TG680Six-Axis Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder to Kazakhstan client

Recently, our company successfully exported 1 set TG680 Six-Axis Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder to a customer in Kazakhstan.

The client’s company is a manufacturer of rubber products, not only producing rubber parts according to drawings or samples, but also continuously researching equipment units for various purposes, which enables the client to provide local Kazakhstan enterprises with technology, as well as efficient and cost-effective solutions plan. Customers can not only produce various rubber parts according to customers’ drawings and specifications, from small parts to non-standard seals, but also accept related customized services and provide required technical services.

At present, the machine has arrived at the customer’s warehouse, and the customer is preparing a separate workshop for our machine group, we hope that our machines can help customers increase production capacity and save costs.

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name Six-Axis Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder Model No. TG-680 Export Country  Kazakhstan
Customer Introduction The client company mainly produces rubber seals and parts for further use in various types of enterprises, from the food and chemical industry to the oil and gas industry, each product of the client complies with international standards, so it can be used abroad and received by the client Widely loved. Favored by the largest metallurgical enterprises in the Russian Federation, customs union countries and foreign countries, it provides services in the field of rubber product manufacturing for many well-known overseas companies. The company produces oil seals, cuffs and Other components, the company’s industrial rubber products are used in various types of enterprises: food industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, oil and gas industry, etc.
Equipment Application TG680 is a newly developed six-axis five-linkage CNC tool grinder. It is a high-precision tool grinder with excellent performance, suitable for producing or grinding small-sized milling tools, drilling tools, forming tools, etc. The processing diameter range is: 3~12mm, arc machine tool shape, friendly human-machine interface, natural marble components, good stability, and the workpiece spindle adopts DD direct drive, equipped with W20 tool holder and collet, workpiece is automatically clamped. The machine tool adopts the new generation 210MA- 5E five-axis linkage control system and Japanese Yaskawa servo unit, British Renishaw probe, HIWIN precision rolling guide rail and Japanese THK ball screw ensure the superior performance and working accuracy of the machine tool, can meet the high requirements for work pieces.
Equipment Picture TG680 Six-Axis Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder

  HTM120L Filter-For Grinder (Oil System)

  X3 Grinding wheel Dresser

  TG-3020F Optical Image Measuring Instrument


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6-Axis Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder -TG680

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