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What is a multi-spindle lathe

The so-called multi-spindle lathe is to use 6 or 8 spindle stations to complete the station conversion through indexing: boring, turning, chamfering, tapping, slotting, drilling and other processing procedures are 6 goods 8 All stations are carried out at the same time, which can realize a high-efficiency machining lathe that can completely shorten the machining cycle. Generally speaking, multi-spindle lathes have 4-5 times the processing efficiency of multi-spindle lathes.

How do we achieve such a short processing cycle?

For further details, please refer to the processing case diagram below. As shown in the figure, the processing is divided into 6 sequences. Among these 6 processes, the installation/uninstallation at Posl (position 1) takes the longest time. In the case of a 6-axis or 8-axis multi-axis automatic lathe, the process position that takes the longest time is equivalent to the time of one processing cycle.

The processing of a single-axis automatic lathe is to process several processes in sequence, and the processing time of each process is accumulated to be the processing beat.

As shown in the figure below, Shimada’s 6-axis multi-spindle lathe has a cycle time of 7.8 seconds. The machining cycle of other similar brands of single-spindle lathes is 33.7 seconds. According to the data, it can be seen that the processing efficiency of Shimada’s multi-spindle lathes and 6-axis lathes is 4.3 times that of other brands of single-spindle lathes.

6-axis multi-axis moving lathe, 1 axis is used for loading and unloading, and the remaining 5 axes are used for processing. Shimada Iron Works’s 6-axis lathe can be equipped with 2-station CNC guide rails, and the 8-axis automatic lathe can be equipped with 1-station CNC guide rails. Finish machining at the CNC guide rail station, rough machining at other stations. High efficiency and high precision have both.

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