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What are the steps in the operation of the milling machine?

The operation steps of the milling machine are as follows:

1. Turn on the power switch of the milling machine; turn the forward and reverse switch to the (for) position for forward rotation;

2. Adjust the verticality of the milling machine’s spindle and the parallelism of the vise, and lock the vise firmly on the worktable;

3. Place the workpiece to be processed on two cushion blocks with a suitable height, then put the cushion block and the workpiece on the vise, and then turn the vise handle to stably fix the workpiece on the vise;

4. Choose a more suitable socket clamp, install the edge finder in the spindle head of the milling machine, adjust the high and low speed switch to H position, turn the spindle rotation switch to the rotation position, turn the spindle speed change switch, and set the speed Adjust to 500rpm~550rpm, find the edge of the workpiece (according to the requirements of the drawing)

5. Choose a suitable milling cutter according to the material of the workpiece and the size of the slot, and then mount it in the spindle chuck. The protruding length of the clamping tool must be minimized, and the cutting edge of the tool cannot be clamped. The tool is being installed. It must be firmly clamped when clamping;

6. Select the appropriate speed according to the size of the tool and the material of the workpiece, touch the top surface to be processed against the tool, and place 25% of the milling cutter diameter area on the workpiece, and then slowly shake the rocker by hand to shake it evenly, remember Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the tool and workpiece;

7. In the process of processing, it is necessary to always pay attention to whether the condition of the tool is abnormal;

8. The appropriate cutting fluid should be selected when processing the workpiece. If the cutting fluid is not properly selected, it will cause large tool wear.


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