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ANTISHI Rotary Band Saw Machine

Horizontal band sawing machines can be divided into Rotary, double-column type and single-column type. Therefore, in order to obtain the ideal sawing effect, operators of various enterprises should choose different band sawing machines according to different usage conditions and usage scenarios. So what is a Rotary band sawing machine? The main drive system of a Rotary sawing machine is composed of a worm gear reducer, a pulley, a driving wheel and other parts. The worm gear reducer and the driving wheel are directly connected, and the transmission is relatively stable without impact. The rotation speed of the driving wheel is adjusted by the belt, which can achieve a variety of cutting speeds, so as to meet the cutting of different materials.

Moreover, the Rotary band sawing machine adopts hydraulic vise clamping, mainly through the hydraulic cylinder to drive the jaw plate to clamp the workpiece, and its guide is divided into movable guide arm and fixed guide arm. The former is moved manually. After the adjustment, the locking of the guide arm mainly uses the manual locking of the dovetail device. The top and sides of the guide seat are all made of hard alloy, and there is also a pre-guide arm device, which is mainly to ensure the stability of the guide and prolong the service life of the saw blade.

It is an intelligent and advanced sawing equipment, which is widely used in the sawing of various workpieces. It uses an annular band saw blade to saw various materials during work, just like ordinary band sawing machines, but the difference is that When the Rotary Band Saw machine is sawing metal materials, it uses the grating ruler to control the measurement, the sawing accuracy is higher, the sawing quality is better, and then there is no need for manual feeding. more efficient.

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