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The main reasons and solutions for sawing accuracy deviation of sawing machine

Shanghai ANTS is a leading supplier of industrial lathe machinery and tools in China. After nearly 20 years of technical accumulation, its band sawing machine products have been exported to more than 20 countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Thailand, Russia, etc. It has the characteristics of rich experience, excellent manufacturing and professional service in the same industry in China.

In order to help customers better understand the band sawing machine, Shanghai Antis will summarize the main reasons and solutions for the deviation of sawing machine cutting accuracy, as follows:

1.The saw blade clamped by the leading angle of the sawing machine guide arm is not perpendicular to the sawing machine table.
Solution: Install the saw blade and adjust the bolts of the leading angle of the saw so that the saw blade is perpendicular to the table.

2. The band saw blade may be loose
Solution: Tension the band saw blade.

3. The band saw blade may be worn out;
Solution: Replace with a new band saw blade.

4. The cutting and feeding speed of the band saw blade is too fast;
Solution: Adjust the feed speed of the band saw blade blanking to an appropriate one.

5. The distance between the two guide arms of the sawing machine is too large;
Solution: Adjust the distance between the guide arms.

6. The bearing in the leading angle of the sawing machine may be damaged;
Solution: Replace with new bearings.

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