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How to correctly select the three elements of line rail high-speed CNC vertical lathe machining

Line rail high-speed CNC vertical lathe is the abbreviation of digital program-controlled lathe. It integrates the characteristics of a lathe with good versatility, a fine lathe with high processing accuracy, and a special-purpose ordinary lathe with high processing efficiency. of a machine tool.

Line rail high-speed CNC vertical lathe is a machine tool that uses CNC technology to realize actions according to pre-programmed programs. It consists of program carrier, input device, CNC unit, servo system, position feedback system and machine tool mechanical parts. CNC lathe is an automatic machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. The use of CNC lathe can improve processing efficiency and create more value. The emergence of CNC lathe has enabled enterprises to get rid of outdated processing technology.

How to correctly choose the three elements of cutting:
1. Workpiece material:
For high hardness, V is lower; for cast iron, V is lower, and when the tool material is cemented carbide, it can be 70 to 80 m/min; for low-carbon steel, V is more than 100 m/min; ~200 m/min). For hardened steel and stainless steel, V should be lower.

2. Processing conditions:
For rough machining, V should be lower; for finishing, V should be higher. The rigidity of the machine tool, workpiece, and tool is poor, and V is set to be low. If the S used in the CNC program is the spindle revolutions per minute, then S should be calculated according to the workpiece diameter and the cutting line speed V: S (spindle revolutions per minute) = V (cutting line speed) * 1000/(3.1416 *Workpiece diameter) If the NC program uses a constant line speed, then S can directly use the cutting line speed V (m/min).

3. Tool material:
For cemented carbide, V can be higher, generally more than 100 m/min. Generally, technical parameters are provided when purchasing inserts:
How much line speed can be selected when processing what material. High-speed steel: V can only be lower, generally not more than 70 m/min, and below 20 to 30 m/min in most cases.

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